Thursday, 15 December 2011

Santa Claus and Animal Cruelty

First, I would like to thank RedNev for standing in for me during my absence. He has hit on some sore political points which will be revisited in the coming year - unfortunately.
Moving on, I wish to revisit my previous criticism of that undeservedly popular figure, Santa Claus. As I pointed out last year, he is in flagrant breach of Health and Safety legislation in this country and should be held to account for it. If this was not bad enough, there is also the matter of his cruelty to animals. It is no secret that his Christmas workload is a heavy one; he has many premises to visit and very little time to do it. However, this does not entitle him to inflict excessive work demands upon dumb animals - i.e. his reindeer. No information is available for how well the reindeer cope with their incredible task on Christmas Eve, but it surely contradicts all Health and Safety legislation regarding animals in the workplace. Why the RSPCA has never taken action is beyond me.
This year, however, something needs to be done. When Santa Claus enters British air space on Christmas Eve, he should be arrested and brought before a magistrate as soon as possible. I suppose that RedNev will say that this will delay Christmas for many children, but the law is the law. There is no place for sentimental excuses. In any case. Santa will probably be let off with a caution and then be free to carry on distributing presents.


  1. I've not yet seen it, but apparently the new Aardman animation about Santa Claus is excellent and sheds light on the reindeers plight and his exploitation of the elves!

  2. The cause of labour will triumph!

  3. I recently re-read my copy of "Rudolph The Nasally Enhanced Reinder", which described how Rudolph, a visionary and a revolutionary, led the reindeer to throw off the oppressive dictatorship of Santa Claus, demanding and obtaining vastly improved terms and conditions of service. However, the demand for reindeer to have all bank holidays off was one battle he didn't win.