Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Christmas is coming...already?

We've all heard the refrain: "Christmas comes early every year", but even I was surprised today, when I visited our local Marks & Spencer branch. To my amazement, they were selling Christmas cards (£5-00 for 20). And it's not even September! I don't know whether anyone else has noticed the early signs of Christmas anywhere, but if you have - isn't this just a little too soon? It might, of course, be a sign of desperation by the stores. They must be so desperate to maintain turnover, that they want to corner the Christmas market early. What next? Will pubs and hotels be taking Christmas party bookings in June? When will we start to hear Slade and Jona Lewey singing in Sainsbury's? The possibilities are boundless. Oh dear...


  1. We bought our Christmas cards last January for this year, how sad is that ?

  2. We spend 2-3 months slowly going demented listening to 70s Christmas hits, being dazzled by fairy lights and shop Christmas trees, and being lectured by politicians how we haven't done our bit for the economy by frittering even more of our diminishing incomes. Then suddenly on Boxing Day, it's all gone ~ and the hard sell for summer holidays begins.

    Our agricultural forebears used to measure the passing of time by the changing of the seasons. We judge it by changing retail 'opportunities'.

  3. And just to remind you what I'm talking about here's a a taster.